Thorough Hoarder Clean-Up in Reno, Sparks, Carson City & Lake Tahoe

Hoarder clean-up pros in the greater Reno area.Restoring the cleanliness of a home, apartment or other space that’s been subject to hoarding behavior is difficult and can even be dangerous. The experienced hoarder clean-up team at Deluxe Cleaning regularly takes on tough cases for property managers, real estate agents, attorneys, landlords and homeowners. We approach each residential cleaning project with a high level of compassion while ensuring a total clean.

Full Service Hoarder Restoration

Cleaning a home that has suffered hoarding requires more than just elbow grease to move-out of trash. Heavy-duty hard and soft-surface cleaning and disinfection with specialized solutions and equipment is required to fully lift filth away. We have strategies for restoration and refreshment of walls, carpets, wood, tile, furnishings and more, including kitchens and bathrooms where stubborn stains, odors and other concerns may stand out. We also provide window cleaning.

Why You Need Expert Help with Cleaning

Cleaning up years of clothing, newspaper, knickknacks, books, furniture, housewares and less mentionable items can take a long time and include health risks if doing it yourself. A professional move-out cleaning team can quickly and safely ready an apartment or home for renovation or new owners or tenants.

Preserve Your Real Estate Investment or Prepare to Sell

Best Hoarder Clean-Up in Reno, Sparks, Carson City & Lake TahoeAddress concerns of new prospective owners or renters by assuring that the property will have a total clean-up before changing hands. When we’re finished, no signs of the previous resident’s hoarding behavior are detectable. Our experienced crew also offers expert residential, office and retail clean-up, protecting your investment and helping manage property-carrying expense. We also offer construction clean-up for properties getting upgrades or updates before being rented or sold. We do health clinic cleaning, too!

Need Hoarder Clean-Up in Reno, Sparks, Carson City ot Lake Tahoe?

Deluxe Cleaning offers homeowners, property management companies, realtors and lawyers the kind of deep cleaning that resolves any sign of hoarding behavior. Our combination of residential and commercial cleaning experience makes us an ideal partner, and we’re prepared for anything. Contact us for a free estimate, and see how easy it is to have an affordable team do the heavy lifting on hoarder clean-up!

Save Time & Stay Safe with Hoarder Clean-Up in Reno, Sparks, Carson City & Lake Tahoe

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